Welcome to my Professional Blog


My name is Chris House. I am a returning student having taken a brief two-year vacation from the classroom after earning my BFA in Arts & Technology from UWM back in 2014. I am now studying towards an Art Education degree to hopefully teach grade school to middle school level art courses. A lot has gone into this decision, but in the end, I just knew I needed a change. I wasn’t happy at my desk job, and I felt my creative talents being largely wasted. I knew I needed to find something more my speed where I could help and inspire others.

For my relevant photo, here’s a comic illustrating a speech given by the Author Neil Gaiman (One of my favorites). As someone who has always loved art, this has been a huge inspiration to me, but it also gives words to the feeling that anyone and everyone can and should find some solace in the arts (Please click on the image to hear the full speech).